Own development model for Integrated Management of Technological Innovation.


A Smart Predictive Maintenance Approach based on Cyber Physical Systems


SMART-PDM is part of ITEA4, a cluster of R&D&I in the domain of software innovation with the aim of envisioning a transformation of the current maintenance model. For manufacturing companies, predictive diagnostics and prognostics will provide feedback on the state of equipment and allow this to become a proactive, cost-saving measure.

Smart-PDM project is about to acquire manufacturing data to provide diagnosis and prognosis information while rendering the underlying technology financially feasible.



Focusing on the project aims, maintenance is considered a reactive cost factor: when a component breaks down, it needs to be fixed. This approach has negative impacts on businesses with unpredictable degradation times and an inconsistent availability of spare parts. In addition to the financial costs, time is wasted during the repair process itself.

That’s why to increase efficiency and savings within the manufacturing domain (which accounts for 15.96% of the EU’s GDP), predictive maintenance (PdM) approaches and new business models must become technologically available and accepted by industry.

IDEKO will develop and transfer the results of the project to the DANOBATGROUP industrial group, through Savvy Data Systems, as the group"s technology-based company that will offer predictive maintenance services in the cloud with state-of-the-art technology for machine monitoring solutions.



As a results an automatic condition-based approach will be developed and will increase OEE from 60% to 80% within European industry. For businesses that take up PdM, this will mean savings on the costs of maintenance, waste and components, as well as improvements to overall quality and throughput.


The following entities have participated in the Smart-PDM project: