Own development model for Integrated Management of Technological Innovation.


Grinding technologies and control of diamond dressing for tribological texturing of surfaces and of precision profiling


Texturing surfaces has shown to be a useful tool for reduction of friction.

IK4-IDEKO is working with the companies GOIMEK and DANOBAT and the University of the Basque Country in the development of manufacturing methods capable of producing these textures in a repetitive and economically viable fashion.

The REDITEX-PRO project, with a duration of 34 months, forms part of the Call for Collaboration Challenges 2016 funded by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness of the Spanish Government.

Among the different existing processes, grinding using grinding wheels with certain patterns is a technology that due to its complexity has not been explored extensively; nevertheless it has a high potential for achieving different textures on any type of surface and material in a simple, productive and relatively cheap way.



One of the goals of this project is to develop a new technology for texturing grinding wheels using an innovative electromechanical actuator device to transfer those patterns to the workpieces adopting the right grinding conditions.

The second line of action, directly focused on increasing the lifespan of the diamond, concerns the implementation of ultrasonic-assisted dressing, which, despite it being a non-industrialised technology, shows promising potential.

The development of an innovative ultrasonic actuator device with the aim of reducing wear of diamonds and grinding forces is one of the objectives of the project as well.



The three main technological innovations this project has yielded are the following:

• an electromechanical dressing system for texturing surfaces
• a new monitoring system of the ultra-precision diamond dressing process with a rotary dresser wheel to compensate for wear of this wheel intended for aeronautical applications
• a system that through the use of conoscopic holography checks that the generated grinding wheel profile lies within the required tolerances


The consortium is formed by the machine tool manufacturer DANOBAT, GOIMEK, a company specialized in providing quality services for machining of technically complex strategic parts with a high added value and high precision, EKIN, manufacturer of precision cutting tools, the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the Basque University and the technological centre IK4-IDEKO.