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Own development model for Integrated Management of Technological Innovation.


Advanced mechatronics for high precision manufacturing in the energy sector


The initiative has received state and European funding for the amount of 1.89 million euros within the “RETOS-colaboración 2016” programme.

The manufacture of components intended for the production of gas and oil must meet very demanding requirements. The machinery used in the machining of pipes, couplings and valves must have the capability to carry out ultra-precision tasks on very large parts, a demand that requires a new model that allows us to progress from quality production to an advanced manufacturing paradigm that incorporates the latest technological innovations.



With the aim of improving the component manufacturing systems for the energy sector, IK4-IDEKO technology centre is taking part in the ONEHYDRO project, an initiative that seeks to develop a series of mechatronic devices for incorporation into high-precision machines designed for the machining of components for hydrocarbon extraction, production and transport.



The ONEHYDRO project seeks to achieve three priority objectives. The first of these is the development and introduction of mechatronic devices to increase damping with the aim of avoiding vibrations during the machining of thin-walled parts or when using very thin tools, and to research a simulation model that allows dimensioning of the optimal damper characteristics for each application.

The second is centred on the creation of a series of smart devices intended to cause the breakup of chips by means of percussive or vibration-assisted machining through the use of the machine’s own drives.

Finally, and with the aim of finding a balance between machining times and tool wear, the initiative pursues to obtain knowledge for optimising the machining process times through the use of cutting forces models in turning and threading processes.


A consortium made up of the SORALUCE, DANOBAT companies and the IK4-IDEKO technology centre itself is behind the ONEHYDRO project.





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