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Own development model for Integrated Management of Technological Innovation.


Optimization of joining processes for new automotive metal-composite hybrid parts


Given the need to reduce the weight of the vehicle, the use of cast iron and steel has gradually dropped over the last decades. Instead high-performance steel, light alloys (mainly aluminium) and plastics and composites have been used. Faced with this situation, the European Community decided to subsidise the Metalmorphosis project which aims to conceive hybrid metals-composites parts (both tubular and sheet metal applications) which can easily be integrated into the production process of the automotive industry.



The objective of the project is to develop a new range of hybrid metal-composite products for the automotive sector, using innovative electromagnetic pulse joining technology which to date is used to join different metals, but which can be extended to join metals and composites.
The specific goals of the project are as follows:
• To develop a new joining processes for composite materials and metals, for tubular and sheet metal applications.
• To generate knowledge about the properties of joining materials and workpieces (resistance, ductility, microstructure...) to find out more about applicability.
•To demonstrate that the electromagnetic pulse technology is a valuable alternative for high-performance joining.
• To increase productivity and reduce costs for hybrid components through the use of these advanced techniques.
• To meet environmental requirements: making it possible to produce in a more respectful way for the environment.


The role of the Elgoibar Technological Centre in this initiative has been to identify the most suitable materials, develop the manufacture of composite materials and optimise the performance of the end components by establishing the properties of the joining parts.
Together with the Spanish foundation Cidaut and the Italian engineering Stam, IK4-IDEKO conducted a simulation process to study the behaviour of a part in different process conditions and according to optimisation of hybrid material, bearing in mind the required specifications and the influence on the joining process.


The project has the participation of 8 entities





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