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Interlinked Process, Product and Data Quality framework for Zero-Defects Manufacturing


InterQ project proposes a new generation of digital solutions based on intelligent systems, hybrid digital twins and AI-driven optimization tools to assure the quality in smart factories in a holistic manner including process, product and data (PPD quality). The broad vision of InterQ project will allow controlling the quality of a smart manufacturing environment in an end-to-end approach by means of a PPD quality hallmark stored in a distributed ledger. The concepts of InterQ will be applied in high-added value industrial applications, (windmill gearboxes, aero engines, cars).



InterQ project wants to boost the quality of manufacturing operations and manufactured products linking the process, product and data quality across the supply chain using newly developed distributed ledger technologies to break the current data silos problem.

The main objective of InterQ project is to measure, predict and control the quality of the manufactured products, manufacturing process and gathered data to assure zero defect manufacturing by means of AI driven tools powered with meaningful and reliable data.



InterQ project will use direct and indirect quality measurements to optimize both the quality of the manufacturing operations and of the manufactured products. Indirect measurements made on the manufacturing system will allow predicting the product quality by means of virtual sensors and digital twins. In parallel, new sensors will be developed to continuously and automatically measure the product in-process quality close to the tool centre point. Specific attention will be paid to the data reliability with continuous verification of the measurement quality in real time as well as long term level. The project considers quality in a holistic manner defining a PPD quality hallmark as the main instrument to measure process, product and data quality. Taking as example pilot cases from end-users, a distributed ledger will allow tracking the quality of critical components all along their life cycle and across the complete supply chain thanks to the trusted InterQ framework.


The following entities have participated in the InterQ project: