Own development model for Integrated Management of Technological Innovation.


Advanced Manufacturing in Grinding for strategic sectors and high value-added parts


Maintaining the efficiency and capacity requirements of different industrial sectors and key companies in the Basque Country involves a continuous R&D effort throughout the development and production chain of these products, including the design and manufacture of key components such as the use of new special materials, tightening of design and manufacturing tolerances and increasing quality and reliability requirements in terms of safety.

Grinding yields a finish, accuracy and productivity unmatched by other processes. The improvement of precision, process stability and part integrity are the main requirements to achieve maximum reliability and productivity in the applications, therefore the scope of action of FAR is to develop solutions meeting the above requirements on all necessary technological fronts: machine, components, Digital Grinding and processes.



The main objective of FAR is to develop technologies that generate products (machines, components and processes) with high added value in the different areas of grinding applications, responding to and anticipating the high demands of strategic parts in the driving sectors of the economy: aeronautics, automotive, railways and energy generation.



The resulting developments will enable Basque companies to meet the new challenges of precision, productivity, versatility, reliability, integrity and stability typically demanded by strategic sectors such as aeronautics, railways, energy generation and the automotive industry.


The consortium is made up of companies that are complementary to each other and necessary to be able to carry out developments adapted to the market and Basque Made in a thorough and serious manner. We have a balanced and suitable consortium that presents an excellent capacity for the technical realization of the FAR proposal: • Manufacturers of machines with the two most extended structures of machining by grinding, on the one hand, the specific machine configuration for grinding (DANOBAT) and on the other hand the multitask concept with grinding option (SORALUCE) and with the capacity to research different technologies. • User and advisor relative to machining parts with high added value and difficult to machine: IONTECH. • Manufacturer of numerical control units, essential for process monitoring and control: FAGOR AUTOMATION. • Manufacturer of precision heads, the essential part of machines: TALLERES MYL. All above companies are supported by the Basque Network of Science, Technology and Innovation: IK4-IDEKO and Aotek.





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