Own development model for Integrated Management of Technological Innovation.


Digitally-enhanced Quality Management System


DAT4.ZERO is a Digitally-enhanced Quality Management System (DQM) that gathers and organizes data from a Distributed Multi-sensor Network, which, when combined with a DQM Toolkit and Modeling and Simulation Layer, and further integrated with existing Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), offers adequate levels of data accuracy and precision for effective decision support and problem-solving – utilizing smart, dynamic feedback and feed-forward mechanisms to contribute towards the achievement of Zero Defect Manufacturing (ZDM) in smart factories and their ecosystems.

The aim is to Integrate smart, cost-effective sensors and actuators for process simulation, monitoring and control; develop real-time data validation and integrity strategies within actual production lines; demonstrate innovative data management strategies as an integrated approach to ZDM; & develop strategies for rapid line qualification and reconfiguration. Deployed in 5 distinct industrial pilot lines the project address the following primary objective: Develop and demonstrate an innovative DQM system and deployment strategy for supporting European manufacturing industry in realizing ZDM in highly dynamic, highvalue, high-mix, low-volume production contexts, by effective selection and integration of sensors and actuators for process monitoring and control, a DQM platform with an architecture that provides reliable and secure knowledge extraction to ensure integrity of data, & strategies for advanced realtime data analysis and modeling in multiple domains and sectors that will increase quality, reduce ramp-up times and decrease time-to-market.

DAT4.ZERO has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme under Grant Agreement No. 958363.



DAT4.ZERO identifies seven topics which constitute the technological challenges to be overcome during the DAT4.ZERO project: Quality management and ZDM, Cybersecurity and data integrity, Data management and knowledge extraction, Multi-sensor network for data gathering, Artificial Intelligence and data analytics for ZDM, CPS for feed-forward control and Modelling and simulation for rapid line reconfiguration.



The digital-enhanced Quality Management approach for zero-defect manufacturing of DAT4.ZERO will enable the use of multi-source semantic-enriched data gathered from the shop-floor to discover hidden causes for defects and quality relevant correlations as well as to feed new advanced knowledge-based model for adapting the process-chain settings to reduce non conformities, quality costs and efforts, ultimately increasing the competitiveness of the European industry producing high-complexity, high-value parts.


The following entities have participated in the DAT4.ZERO project: • Sintef Manufacturing AS • Sintef AS • Politecnico di Milano • La Universidad de Nottingham • Karlsruher Institut Fuer Technologie • IDEKO S.Coop. • Taraz Metrology LTD • KIT-AR Limited • Instituto Tecnológico de Aragón • Holonix Srl • TTS Technology Transfer System Srl • Idletech As • TTTech Industrial Automation AG • International Data Spaces EV • Benteler Automotive Raufoss AS • Sirona Dental Systems GMBH • FERSA Bearings SA • DANOBAT S.Coop • ENKI Srl • Robert BOSCH GMBH