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Precision Milling Wear Compensation

Precision Milling Wear Compensation

Micromilling operations are mainly used for the manufacture of high precision parts. In the case of dental prosthesis, very tight tolerances must be obtained during their manufacture so that forces do not appear on anchoring of the prosthesis to the implants in the patient's mouth,  which could cause injury to the patient or even lead to rejection of one of the implants. With the aim of eliminating defects generated due to machining incorrect geometries on these types of anchorages due to tool wear, a methodology has been developed in this work that comprises different stages. On the one hand, a precise characterisation of the true profile of the cutting tool is carried out by means of contactless systems within the machine. On the other hand, an analysis was carried out on the effect of this tool profile on the geometry obtained on the part compared with the theoretical geometry to be obtained. Finally, a process planning was carried out that takes into account the typology of the generated defect, this enables the correct part to be obtained in all cases, whatever the state of wear of the tool.

March 2015


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