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Cooling-lubricating method for grinding

The present invention proposes a new cooling-lubricating method for grinding, according to which the corresponding cutting fluid is still projected against the grinding wheel so that it can penetrate into gaps and pores defined between the abrasive grains and the corresponding binder forming the grinding wheel. Now, according to the invention, in addition to projecting the cutting fluid, a supplementary gaseous or liquid fluid at a very low temperature is also projected, carrying out the following basic functions:

.- Causing a change of properties of the cutting fluid, making it switch from liquid to solid state or increasing its viscosity and therefore its capacity to adhere to the grains inside the grinding wheel. This change occurs when the cutting fluid has already penetrated inside the grinding wheel, being housed in the aforementioned pores and gaps defined between the grains and the corresponding binder

.- It is the vehicle which allows carrying the cutting fluid, once it has penetrated into the gaps and pores defined between the grains of the grinding wheel and the binder and has solidified or adhered to the grains, providing opposition to the centrifugal force which tends to take the cutting fluid towards the periphery of the grinding wheel.


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